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Business Monitoring
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Concept and Benefits

Business Monitoring solutions provide operational teams with real-time information on the health and performance of their processes.

Teams get a global, end-to-end and continuous vision of their activity so that they proactively detect issues and prevent risks.

Business Monitoring solutions such as BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) or CEP (Complex Event Processing) are non-intrusive and capture information where it is, within the information system of the client.

Collected data is then analyzed and processed, using business rules to calculate key indicators of risk and performance.

Controls are automated, alerts are generated and dashboards provide the right information. These solutions give operationals means to prioritize and maintain the highest performance possible.

Business Monitoring gives proactivity and real-time visibility.

Time to Detect, to react and to repair are improved, processes are more efficient and risk is reduced.

Mind7's Vision

A Business Monitoring approach is not process modeling. To deliver the most value, Mind7 Consulting focuses on risk areas and failure points, as well as past incidents and difficulties met by operational teams.

Another important aspect of Business Monitoring is to make sure that alerts and dashboards implemented can indeed trigger a corrective action.

All information must be actionable.

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