Today, more than ever, organizations need to be performing and show reactiveness.
They must evolve and adjust constantly and faster.
Mind7 Consulting supports its clients to understand and act.

mind7 consulting

Mind7 Consulting is a consultancy firm specialized in performance measurement and data processing. Our IT services company enables organizations, concerned with issues of the digital revolution, to understand, act, adjust and evolve.

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Our Mindset


Our Mindsetters’ consultants built-in their consultation clients’ issues, their expectation, and their expectations, in order to suggest the most appropriate solution.


Our expertise focuses on our digital revolution knowledge including technological watch and research and development; and also our professional consultations.


Execution speed as key factor of success involves that our projects have to be targeted, fast and agile.


Enabling freedom of expression, progress and working together with great pleasure leads up to a team which is united, involved, creative, and agile.


In partnership with well-known software publishers, we set up our own innovative solutions custome-made for our clients.

Our clients

You could not step twice into the same river.- Heraclitus

our offer

Our particularity associates 2 complementary dimensions in order to support our clients to “understand and act”, to adjust and evolve, and also to increase their performance.

Our dimensions


Some tools to capture, process and use information


Methods from quality to make good decisions, improve and transform.

our area of expertise

Within the changing environment of digital revolution, this combination is central to our innovative solutions made to measure. Our solutions improve and perpetuate the performance of our clients in 3 areas.

Search Analytics

Obtain and understand field reality of information and/or external information which need a better exploitation of data flow. We focus on the critical nature of data within our improvement approach, because we consider that it is the performance source.

Big Data

To win our clients’ heart and to preserve our relationship with our clients, it involves to add real-time in business activity. We orientate our solutions to big data use for increasing reactivity and agility.


Implement processes require to constant adjustment. Process management implies the following: we make sure that processes are respected, efficient and improved.

our partnership

Kinds of missions


Banking industry

security area

The implementation of a real-time activity monitoring increased the capability to respect commitments and significantly reduced market risks. Teams improved client service by accepting orders closer to the cut-offs. The ROI project has been less than 6 months.

payment area

The real-time end-to-end monitoring of payment flows across applications and the organization helped drastically improve time-to-react and service especially to VIP clients. The solution gives back-office teams the means to be proactive by detecting dysfunction before they “become” incidents.

Assurance industry


As part as customers service improvement for a major assurance actor, we consolidated all available data (contracts, customers’ paths prospection information, etc.) in order to provide a 360° vision of customers’ portfolio. As a result, this major assurance actor is able to provide a better answer to its customers, to boost their knowledge about different interactions and by doing so to offer appropriated services.


Retail industry


Indexing various sources (audits, biological analyses, repositories,…) provided a way to better aggregate information and analyze trends, risks and suppliers’ quality. Project implementation cycle was reduced thanks to the use of semantic mechanisms that helped interpret data and avoid huge normalization effort.

Logistic area


A Lean 6 Sigma assignment helped identify an action plan including physical organization of the warehouse, Information Systems, HR and Sales. Logistic costs were reduced by half, while the activity was increasing by 80%.


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We are hiring

As part as its growth, Mind7 Consulting is looking for candidates. As a consulting firm located in France, fluent/native French is compulsory for any job offers.


Do not hesitate to contact us if one of our topic attracts you, we might find a position that you can fit in.

Please provide your CV and cover letter written in french (Merci !).


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