Today, more than ever, companies have to be performant and reactive.

They must continuously evolve and adapt.

Mind7 Consulting helps its clients Understand and Act.

Our specificity is to combine 2 complementary dimensions:


Tools to capture, handle and capitalize on information


Methods, coming from Quality that enable to take the right decisions, improve and transform

our mindset


Our client is at the heart of our interventions. We integrate his expectations and his problematics so as to bring him the most appropriate solutions.


Our interventions are based on expertise in the topics covered as well as  on the capacity to develop the best possible approach and excellent relationship skills.


Our projects are focused, fast and agile. Results are obtained rapidly. Execution speed is a key factor to success to and to this we commit ourselves.


Our teams are the source of our success. They must have the means to speak freely, to progress and to enjoy working together.

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staff members

Nothing permanent except change.- Heraclitus

mind7 consulting's offer

In order to improve and maintain its clients’ performance, Mind7 Consulting combines methods and concepts derived from Quality approaches with the solutions of its technological partners.

Master process performance

Today, most companies have implemented processes within their organizations.  However, that is not enough! In a changing environment that requires adapting continuously and in real-time, one has to ensure that processes are followed, efficient and improved.

Take advantage of information

It is essential to collect and understand real information, from the field, or from external sources! The criticality of data is at the heart of improvement approaches: it is the core source of performance.

main clients

examples of assignments


Banking Industry

securities area

The implementation of a real-time activity monitoring increased the capability to respect commitments and significantly reduced market risks. Teams improved client service by accepting orders closer to the cut-offs. The project ROI has been less than 6 months.


quality area

Indexing various sources (audits, biological analyses, repositories,…) provided a way to better aggregate information and analyze trends, risks and supplier quality. Project implementation cycle was reduced thanks to the use of semantic mechanisms that helped interpret data and avoid huge normalization effort.


Banking Industry

payment area

The real-time end-to-end monitoring of payment flows across applications and the organization helped drastically improve time-to-react and service especially to VIP clients. The solution gives back-office teams the means to be proactive by detecting issues before they “become” incidents.

Logistics provider

warehousing area

A Lean 6 Sigma assignement helped identify an action plan including physical organization of the warehouse, Information Systems, HR and Sales. Logistic costs were reduced by half, while the activity was increasing by 80%.


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we are hiring...

Business Analyst – Business Consultant

Thanks to your business know-how (banking, financial services, supply chain) you help our clients collect and define user requirements and priorities. You understand clients issues and define the best possible solution. You participate in Change management for our clients. Your role is to make sure that our clients have, thanks to us, the means to progress.

Application Consultant & Architects

You analyze the information system of our clients and make sure the applications delivered by Mind7 Consulting are performant, scalable and efficient. You assimilate our partners’ technology in order to design and implement the appropriate solutions. You integrate the applications within the client’s environment and IS system.

Project Manager & Assistant Project Manager

You are completely or partly responsible for the assignment. You make sure that the project meets the expected results. You are attentive to client’s requests and collaborate with his staff in a spirit of partnership with common success as an ultimate objective. Your ability to convince and interact both internally and with clients or partners are key to projects’ success.

Spontaneous applications- Personalized jobs

Feel free to contact us if the topics we are dealing with interest you, we will certainly find a job for you!

7 reasons to join mind7

A young team

The average age is 27. OK, we know who are the ones who rise the average…

Varied assignments

Clients, areas, technologies, etc. We tackle a variety of different things at Mind7!

An opportunity to get involved

And to take part in the growth and  the strategy of the company


10 days average training for each employee per year


You should rapidly become autonomous and have the opportunity to take responsibilities

Personalized position

We build a personalized position and we foresee  the necessary time for integration.  You will not be immediately dropped off at a client’s!


Drinks and fruits are available freely in the rest area


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